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Do you accept Credit Cards?

Yes we accept all major Credit Cards.

How long does a Divorce take?

If the parties reach an agreement in Texas you can get divorced 60 days after filling the Original Petition for Divorce, usually 60-90 days.

Can you get a Legal Separation in Texas?

No. There is no legal separation status in Texas. However a legal separation can be accomplished  by requesting temporary order, while the divorce is  pending.

How much is Child Support?

Child support is usually based on the net income of the party obligated to pay child support. It is usually 20% of the net income, 25% for two children, 30% for three children, 35% for four and 40% for five or more children.

Do I have to change my name back to my original maiden name?

No, it is up to the spouse whether she wants to change her name or not, the court cannot force her.

What are the different types of Custody? (Conservatorship)

  1. Joint Custody (most common)
  2. Sole Custody
  3. Split Custody.

Can an adult be adopted?

Yes, an adult can be adopted.

Is a Power of Attorney valid after the person dies?

No, the Power of Attorney is not valid after death.

What is Adverse Possession?

A person can take over a part or all of your property if for ten years they have taken hostile actions, putting up a fence for example, on your property and you have not taken actions to remove them. Usually that will take place after 10 years.

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